Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dove Day, 2014

My Dove Day card

A few years ago my I read my son a book that involved a planet of doves, an asteroid actually, and as he often does he became obsessed with doves for a time. He decided we needed a new holiday, Dove Day, that would have parades, presents and lots of doves. I talked about it with him a lot and we decided we'd try it but didn't pick a day...I figured he'd forget eventually. But this Dove Day plan kept resurfacing every few months and now that he is 7 he pinned me down on a day and remembered it. So on the first Monday in January we celebrated the first annual Dove Day. We kept the festivities kind of simple (no parades) by making cookies:

A Dove Day cookie

And of course, cards!

I made my card for my son on a piece of corrugated cardboard.

I used sharpies and highlighter pens. He liked it :)

My son's card for me. Doves in the sun and in the rain. 

So, a Happy Belated Dove Day to you! I hope you will consider adopting this holiday yourselves as it was quite nice; a day to think of peace and especially... doves.

Here's the book that started this all:  Commander Toad and the Dis-asteroid, by Jane Yolen


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